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When I was young, one of the first things my mom taught me was to GIVE.

She would always tell me to GIVE my sister some of my candy, GIVE my sister half of my toys.

I was taught that GIVING is the noblest of deeds that would make me a better person.

All her life she was too busy GIVING her family the best that I grew up mirroring it.

She forgot to teach me something though, 

She was just too selfless that I never learned the importance of receiving.

So, I grew up to be just like her.

I grew up having the biggest of hearts.

I take care of people too much that I always forget about myself.

I forget that I deserve things too, I forget that I have needs too. 

I became so good at GIVING that I didn't know how to receive and supposedly take what I deserve.

It did me good at first,

by GIVING and being selfless I made a lot of people happy.

I was happy that I made them happy.

But then one day it hit me hard,

I hadn't realized that I had accidentally GIVEN people the power to hurt me.

I was such a GIVER that I became vulnerable.

I had GIVEN them the power to define who I was.

I had GIVEN them the power to control my emotions.

I had GIVEN them the power to break my heart.

I was so busy GIVING them everything that I was left with nothing.

Just when I hit rock bottom did I realize the importance of learning to receive;

Learning to take what's mine and deserve what's best.

I then realized that sometimes it's better to receive than to give,

that sometimes we deserve to gain something for ourselves too.

Only then when we know how to receive does GIVING become acceptable.

Only when we are filled and whole can we give without feeling robbed. 

Only the people who know how to receive have the power to truly GIVE.

So all you people out there,

Take what you deserve, and GIVE only what people deserve. 

Don't get me wrong, GIVING is good, 

But it's only good when you're not robbing yourself in the process. 

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